Beautiful Indonesian Vocabulary

Cakrawala (cha-kra-waa-la) / horizon

Blessed with an extensive coastline and therefore countless idyllic beaches, the horizon has become one of the most iconic sights to see in Indonesia.

Senja (sen-jah) / dusk

Senja is an important part of any day in Indonesia. Home to the world’s largest Muslim population, prayers will be heard in most neighbourhoods once the dusk draws near.

Purnama (poor-naa-mah) / full moon

The full moon is linked to different ceremonies and rituals. Balinese Hindu gather at certain temples to conduct special prayers and seek spiritual excellence or wholeness, which the full moon represents.

Bahasa Indonesia. What Do You Know About It?


The vast majority of Indonesian words are of Austronesian origin. Indonesian shares over 80% of its vocabulary with Standard Malay.


Jawi was replaced by the Latin alphabet in the 17th century during Dutch and British colonial rule.

Word order

Typical word order is Subject-Verb-Object. However, words constituting the focus of a sentence (part of the sentence that contains the most important, or new information) usually appear in the initial position. Modifiers normally follow the noun they modify. Quantifiers usually precede nouns.

The Languages of Indonesia

Indonesian/ Bahasa Indonesia
Before it was declared the official language of the country, it was used as a way of communicating between all of the islands that make up the country and have their own languages.
Another Austronesian language, of which there are many in Indonesia, Javanese is spoken by those who would consider themselves ethnically Javanese, or from the eastern and central parts of Java, one of Indonesia’s many islands.
A regional language of Indonesia, Sundanese is a Malayo-Polynesian language of the Austronesian language family spoken by around 39 million people.


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